FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Most Pertinent Queries Being Addressed Here
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What Advertising Platforms do you consider?

We cover everything within the Google Network. This everything that is owned and operated by Google. Right from plain vanilla (but highly effective) ads on Google Search Engine to ads within gmail to ads on Google Network on mobile sites to YouTube . The works. YouTube format is a different ballgame and we need to talk in-depth with regards to the same, but we cover that too. Everything Google is covered. Google ads also reach out to gazillion other sites which have opted into the Google Network.

Can you also help improve my Adwords EXPRESS account?

No 🙂 Adwords Express is not optimizable. You’re not able to tweak the core essentials which are important to improve your performance. We’d recommend everybody who uses Adwords Express to start using standard Adwords to be able to get the most out of your investment.

Can you build effective Adwords campaigns for me?

Yes, we gladly build an efficient set up for you! Please contact us and we’ll discuss the next steps. Also let us know if you need keyword research for your campaigns being build.

I'm having trouble setting up my Google Analytics properly. Can you help me with this?

We can try! Having good web analytics integration is crucial and we would want you to have that in place. Contact us with your detailed request and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

How do you get access to my account?

There are 2 ways to do this: 1 – You can submit your Adwords client ID and we will connect to your account with our MCC. 2 – You can create us a custom login (read access) – please submit e-mail + password when ordering

Can I also send you my private login credentials to gain access to my account?

Preferably not. Why? Google notices when somebody is logging in from another geo location. When that happens we will get a security question after submitting the password. This prevents us from logging in into your account.

I need help with my Adwords/Analytics but I'm not sure which gig or package to choose?

If you have a custom request regarding Adwords, YouTube or Analytics and you’re not sure it’s covered by our gigs or packages, please write us a message and we’ll discuss a proper follow up quote.

Do you create Display ads or video ads?

Currently, we encourage the advertiser to provide us the ads. But at a nominal cost we may do the same in a one-off case. Again, no promises! 🙂

What daily budget you recommend?

Not zero for sure! Jokes apart, it completely depends on what you are trying to achieve. It could be as low as 20 and as high as 2000. Main goal is to make things work for your business.

How you will run campaigns based upon my needs?

Telepathy! We wish!
What feel comes close or at least a close-second is the following:
We send you a short questionnaire. You fill it up. Send it back. We go through it.
We do our magic. And, voila!
This process is in no way mandatory. We can look at your existing account and ‘learn’ to create magic from that as well!

What if I don’t know what type of campaign I need?

No worries. Like we always say – We can make ads out of nothing at all.
No, seriously. One of us will speak to you if need be. We know you. You know your business. We get a sense of what you need. Rest, we determine.
We run your ads!
You watch your revenues grow!