These golden rules ring true in all formats of advertising, including SEM PPC!

At Search Rank Optimize, we show you how to earn more money this season.

This is the time when shoppers spend disproportionate amounts of money.

Certain businesses draw up to 80% of their annual revenues from festival season sales.

Here are some tips on how to make your ad campaigns skyrocket your revenues!

Urgency & Imperative Mood

Beat procrastination in the minds of your target consumer with ads that demand instant action!
Phrases that can create a timeline, if you will, in the minds of the shoppers are very effective.

“Act Now!”
“One Day Only!”
“Offer Only Until Stocks Last!”
“Offer Expires This Season-End!”
“Limited Period Offer!”
“Plans Fast Filling!”
“Rush Before The Rush Hour!”

Point Of Sale Ad

Be present when the shopper is searching for stuff and is just about to make the purchase decision.
While social media has its utility the consumer is eventually heading to buy his favorite gift at his favorite portal with credit card in hand only when he is sure of the brand, the product and its features. This happen where … ?
The Search Engine.
Search Engine PPC Ads are extremely effective in driving the customer’s undivided attention to your portal.

No Brand Building! Time To Sell!

Shopping season is time to make a sale.
Brand building ads will simply drain your pockets if you choose to do so during this time.
Now is the time to sell, not to build brands.
A direct platform will showcase your business when customer is in the “buy-mode” in search engine.
If you want to get on top of search results good PPC SEM plan will get you there.
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