Understanding Your Advertising Needs!
A Broad Overview of Google Advertising Network!

For First Time Advertisers

  • As a first time advertiser, you can simply offload the entire headache of managing the entire Search Engine Marketing Activity to us here at Search Rank Optimize
  • If you have never advertised before, we will start your search engine advertising account from scratch!

For The Existing Advertisers

  • In case you have done some advertising, but now need someone to get you ads running more efficiently then you can approach Search Rank Optimize.
  • You have been managing your marketing campaigns on your own and need support in the form of some guidance. An AdWords professional can be your consultant or guide.

Welcome to Search Rank Optimize!

You Need An Advertising Expert Because …

  • You feel managing PPC campaigns is not your cup of tea. It is best left to an AdWords professional. You are right and you are at the right place.
  • A proficient Google AdWords Expert will run campaigns for your account. It is not important for you to understand the advertising algorithm or how a search engine works.
  • At Search Rank Optimize, we cover you on all aspects of paid search engine advertising that you have chosen! Of course, you can give us your inputs!
  • We get your account created! We will create ad campaigns! We write ad copies! We will select the audience and the geography! We will run the ads! We will optimize them to get them on track!
  • All your costs are covered in the flat standard fee structure. The fees of the Search Engine Marketing professional plus the advertising costs.
  • Even if you take a custom package, in the price you pay, all your costs are covered. You pay us. We pay the search engine company from the money we charge you.
  • Why So? We get to buy ad inventory in bulk. This gives us reasonable negotiating power, something that a small-budget advertiser normally does not get. We pass on these cost benefits to you!
  • No additional costs have to borne by you. Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zilch.
  • The subsequent rise in relevant traffic should naturally translate in better results, more conversions and more business.
  • If satisfied you may choose to repeat the services.
  • All data that belongs to you will rest with you.
  • If we ever take control of any of your data, it will be handed over to you eventually when you leave.

    As our founder says “No, we don’t hoard data!” 🙂

Google Advertising Networks

Google Google Everywhere. But what exactly is it?
  • Text Ad will be containing ads in the text format.
  • Display Ads rely on images, audio, video etc. They are in several formats like banner ads, rich media and more.